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Are your boards helping you achieve success with your strategic goals?

For more than 20 years I have been involved in numerous boards (both Directors and Advisors) and have helped organizations in many industries achieve stellar success.  As you know, issues are diverse ranging from employee recruitment to shareholder relations to corporate strategy, SEC regulations, executive compensation, political change and cyber security.

  • How do you create an effective board that improves success of your company?
  • How should C-suite executives interact with an Advisory Board?
  • Does your company have a productive nominating process?
  • Is your company bringing in the right talent to build a qualified and diverse board?
  • Are you fully engaging and using the talents of your board members?

In order to promote dynamic, engaged perspectives in the boardroom and help your company achieve strategic goals, a board should undertake focused reassessments of its composition and skills, including review and analysis of board tenure, continuity and diversity in terms of educational background, career expertise, gender, age, race and political affiliation.


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  • Get tips on recruiting qualified directors
  • Learn about best practices
  • Understand which topics are best suited for boards to achieve success
  • How can you create positive interactions between board members?
  • When should you add new board members to the team?

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Board Director | Advisory Board Member

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