I help companies in a wide variety of industries create success for themselves, shareholders, employees and customers.  My diverse background creates a broad perspective which will help your organization achieve its highest potential.

An organization’s board of directors’ plays a key role in forming policy and decisions that ultimately frame the direction and determine the success (or failure) of the organization.  It is one reason that the board of directors bears a legal responsibility to govern a corporation.  In order to succeed, a stellar board encompasses a variety of roles and responsibilities. Each board member needs to bring different strengths, talents, and abilities.  Then, when board members merge their skills towards accomplishing a well-defined mission and vision, it creates the synergy that makes the board greater than the sum of each director’s contribution.

For more than 20 years I have been involved in numerous boards and have helped organizations in a wide variety of industries achieve stellar success.  As you know, issues are diverse, ranging from employee recruitment to shareholder relations to corporate strategy, SEC regulations, executive compensation, marketing, political change, and cybersecurity.  My contribution to successful boards has been: my independent analysis and diagnosis of problem areas and to identifying and helping implement successful business growth strategies.

I am currently available for an open position on a board. Visit my LinkedIn profile for more information, or contact me today at 347-850-2990.

6 Reasons Why Every Board Needs “Fresh Eyes”

A growing number of companies now choose to have advisory boards with independent board members, knowing that the perspectives and insights they bring to the organization can be significant.  Independent advisory board members offer a broad range of perspectives for the CEO and senior management team.

I have more than 20 years experience as a board member of companies that range from high-tech to high-touch, from manufacturing to retail.  This broad experience gives me a unique perspective that provides a foundation to help any company quickly and decisively form and implement strategies, tactics and actions that move the company forward.  My success results from being a team player who realizes that it is a team approach that generates quality ideas and business success.

I have successful experience serving as an independent advisory board member, and I am currently available for open positions. Visit my LinkedIn profile for more information, or contact me today at  347-850-2990.

13 Ways a Board of Advisors Can Help Your Company

Frequently companies find themselves temporarily without a CEO. There are six reasons this happens:

  1. The CEO quit
  2. The CEO was fired
  3. The CEO retires with no successor
  4. The CEO takes a leave of absence
  5. Sickness
  6. Death

A company without a CEO can flounder and crash. Companies that lack CEO leadership are like a ship without a rudder.   An Interim CEO fills this leadership gap. An Interim CEO is an individual who is temporarily chosen to act as CEO and fills the gap between a CEO leaving and another being hired. The board of directors or stakeholders are responsible for hiring them.

Do you need an Interim CEO?  Someone who can help you see your business and your goals through “Fresh Eyes.  Contact me and I will work with you to look at where you want to go and help you find the best way to get there!

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9 Reasons to Hire an Interim CEO

Many executives and entrepreneurs struggle with the idea of coaching. After all, it’s their independent streak and command-and-control self-discipline that gets them to where they are. Eventually, every C-suite member reaches a plateau – a time when they need to engage an outside expert to help them expand their knowledge and perspective so they can push past their stalled professional growth and reach their next level of personal and organizational success.

As a former CEO, entrepreneur and board member, I have a 20+ year track record of business optimization to ensure stability, growth and enhanced profitability. For example, I recently restructured and successfully sold a multi-million dollar technology business.

Next Steps:  I offer a free 30 minute consult to help us both decide if coaching is right for you. If you want to chat with me, or have the consult, simply fill out the form on my Contact Page.  I will follow up with you by e-mail and we’ll set a time to discuss your situation. At the end of the 30 minutes, I will be able to tell you if I can be of service and how my executive coaching program works.

Troubled to Transformed:  One CEO’s Coaching Experience

I am a certified board director, advisory board member and founder and CEO of Larry Putterman Consulting, an advisory, consulting and CEO coaching firm.  My clients are public and private companies (including family businesses) from startups through middle market companies in technology, foreign and domestic manufacturing, automotive and technology service industries. I provide guidance in effective branding, outsourcing, cybersecurity, and acquisition and growth strategies that directly impact corporate profits and shareholder value.

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