What People Are Saying About Larry

Larry’s experience in international manufacturing and sourcing, sales management, distribution, and general management allow him to provide perspective on all aspects of any business. Larry has extensive experience on advisory boards and is good at both challenging the leadership team and respectfully accepting the team’s decisions. Larry is a good and experienced addition to any advisory board.

Michael Kennedy

President & COO, IPC Global Solutions

I have worked with Larry for over 15 years. Larry is the person who most “gets it” when we talk about taxes and financial issues. In addition to running successful business after successful business, Larry keeps a watchful eye over the accounting system and is keenly aware of tax issues and how they affect the business and its owners. He is an accountants best client.

Jeff Bernstein

Owner, Bernstein Rosen & Company CPAs PC

Larry has been an advisor to our Company for the past 6 months. During this time he has provided actionable advice on Business Strategy, Business Operations, and Marketing. The advice and suggestions provided led directly to improvements in our accounts receivable operations and were incorporated into our customer outreach strategy. Larry is approachable, has always made himself readily available, and brings years of business experience to every conversation.

Tim Chapin

Founder & CTO, CDC Software

I have known Larry for many years. Larry has always given me great advice, and he brings a rare combination of experience, skill and thoughtful insight to our discussions. Larry’s familiarity with a variety of industries helps boards create a road map for success and growth with issues that are common in today’s changing business landscape.

Bill Eager

Speaker, Author & Internet Marketing Expert, William Eager

I had the pleasure of having Larry as a client for more than two years. During that time it was clear that Larry’s passion for innovation, evolving technology and business strategy is second to none. I can say from first hand experience that Larry’s drive to outperform expectations is contagious and motivating, making him an excellent leader for any business that wants to ensure success.

Mike Plante

Marketing Officer , Amica Mutual Insurance

I worked closely with Larry for five years as the PR firm for SafeData. He was my primary contact and led the marketing initiatives for the company. He was extremely strategic in his approach to marketing and was always interested in trying the next new marketing technique. He has excellent ideas and has a wide range of knowledge in multiple industries resulting from his leadership positions throughout his career.

Karen Higgins

President, A&E Communications, Inc.

Thanks to Larry Putterman’s vision and drive, his company, SafeData, has established a solid, steady social media presence. And for that he deserves kudos. Larry is a positive and proactive professional, someone I look up to not just for his accomplishments and success, but for his collaborative, supportive approach to conducting business with others. It is a pleasure to work with him.

Bob Cargill

Copywriting | Social Media | Content Marketing | Consulting | Public Speaking | Leadership , Cargill Creative

Larry was a long time client of mine at CoreStates and at Sun Bank. He was wonderful to work with, always provided quality and timely feedback and very much enjoyed a relationship of mutual respect.

Bob McCormack

Investment Banking, M and A Advisor

Larry brought his analytical approach to every aspect of the business. After carefully observing the sales team in action [and] current marketing materials, he put in place a carefully crafted, highly effective marketing program that drove fully qualified leads to the sales team, essentially transforming the sales process. I highly recommend Larry and would be honored to work with him again in the future.

Joann White

Manager, Client and Broker Relationship Systems, FM Global

Not only is Larry a valuable asset when it comes to sharing experience and offering advice, he is also an excellent listener. Beyond all of the issues he helped me process, there was a big benefit to having scheduled, dedicated 2 hour sessions monthly with him. It forced me to take a step back each month, and think more about the big picture. While Larry demanded some structure, requiring an agenda of items to discuss and financials to be provided prior to our talks, he was always wonderfully open and able to hear me out in full. If Larry wasn’t a successful businessman, he could have been a psychologist. 

Josh Cohen

Founder and CEO, The Junkluggers and Second Chance Upcycling Centers

Larry is a wise, insightful, resourceful, seasoned technology executive. During our association I watched him and his partner thoughtfully and aggressively invest the needed resources to make his company successful with the software products that my company brought to the marketplace. Larry would be a great asset to any growing or established technology company.

Bill Rice

Marketing Writer and Consultant, Humanized Communications

Larry has been a client and friend of mine for well over 15 years. In addition, I have served as a member of the Board of Directors for his most recent company. Over the course of that relationship, Larry has proven himself to be a bright, detail-oriented, honest and very straightforward person and business executive. We have become good friends in the process and are looking at partnering on ventures in the future. I have no hesitation in recommending Larry as an executive, board member or consultant to any business which has a growth mentality and that is open to new ideas and is willing to stop saying “we have always done it that way” and to look at the best way to do it.

David Bernstein

Principal, RLS Associates

Larry is a strategic leader who manages for results. We worked together on a marketing campaign for his company where he drove innovating thinking and consist improvement in the campaign. He was able to quickly grasp the nuances of online marketing and work with the team to deliver results, while maintaining a strategic focus.

David Reske

Founder & President, Nowspeed, Inc.

I worked with Larry as he built and then sold Safedata. Larry’s successful leadership was grounded in disciplined objectivity and a broad skill set. Larry recognizes no two businesses are alike, but good corporate governance (action plans and accountability) is an essential ingredient to success.

Peter Dorsey

President, The Business Development Company

I first met Larry in 1998 while at The Timberland Company. Larry was providing contract manufacturing services from the Dominican Republic. I found Larry to be an open, honest, hardworking individual who delivers reliable results. He is passionate about his work; is results-driven; and, is customer focused. I highly endorse Larry.

Tom Montgomery

Principal, Tom Montgomery Consulting Services

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