Planning Saved My Business

Poor planners never have enough time and run from fire to fire. They’re days are filled with crisis. People without a plan are controlled by their environment. Their team sees them as having no direction. 6 reasons planning is a pain:Consumes time.Hard to concentrate...

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Vetoing a Team Decision Saved My Company

Poor leaders have trouble making decisions. They follow team consensus. Poor leaders never veto a team's decision. Consensus decision-making has it place but great leaders also make unilateral decision. Leaders must make difficult decisions even though team members do...

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Golf, Sailing, & Good Business Plans

As an avid golf and sailing enthusiast, I believe there are five basic elements to planning a successful sailing or golfing trip. It turns out, these same five elements are vital to building good business plans as well. They are:Concept & IdeaMake A PlanDelegate...

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