Influence The problem is: entrepreneurs manipulate people in situations instead of persuading. I recently spoke with Bob Burg successful author and coauthor with over 1,000,000 books in print. He is coauthor of the bestseller: The Go-Giver. In his new book, Adversaries into Allies: Win People Over Without Manipulation or Coercion, Bob shows us the power of persuasion over manipulation. The key is mastering people skills. Bob uses stories to illustrate that success in life is based on 10 percent technical skills and 90 percent people skills. Bob outlines 5 simple principles of Ultimate Influence – the ability to get the results you want from others while making them feel genuinely good about themselves, the process, and about you. The 5 rules are:

  1. Control your own emotions: Respond calmly rather than allowing your emotion to get the better of you.
  2. Understand the clash of belief systems: Understand every individual operates on a different belief system.
  3. Acknowledge their ego: People want to feel good about themselves.
  4. Set the proper frame: People react and respond to other people.
  5. Communicate with Tact and empathy: Saying the right thing at the right time will move people to your side on an issue.

I wish I had read Bobs Burg’s Adversaries into Allies early in my career. I would not have had to learn by trial and error. Entrepreneurs now have the chance to learn from Bob Burg and make an immediate difference in themselves and their business. 7 reasons entrepreneurs need good people skills:

  1. Having people buy into their vision
  2. Convincing investors to fund their ideas
  3. Hiring the right people
  4. Acquiring customers
  5. Negotiating credit terms with suppliers
  6. Promoting their product
  7. Growing their business

My Favorite:  # 3 hiring the right people. If you hire the right people and treat them with respect, your business will grow and exceed your expectations. Going with People skills: In Vetoing a Team Decision Saved My Company, I wrote about hiring America. She had excellent people skills and everyone respected her. With America at the helm, profits grew, and customer satisfaction reached an all-time high. What is your favorite reason an entrepreneur needs good people skills? Why?

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